TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
All about the Eyes in Animanga

    As I mentioned before, even with so many different shapes of the eyes, the drawing basics are the same. I have seen too many pictures anywhere with loopsided eyes/face and that makes them look very awkward and that is something you want to avoid when drawing the characters' faces. That's why I strongly advise anyone to use a ruler which can be of a huge assistance with drawing the parallel horizintal lines help keep the eyes leveled in respect to each other. It's possible to be able to draw the leveled eyes without the use of the ruler, but that would take a lot of practice to do that, and I trust my ruler more than my own eyes and my hands. ^_^;

    When I draw the faces, I alway sketch a horizontal line across the faces, and then add the outlines of the eyes like this sketch above to level the eyes. Some artists apparently were able to draw the shallow arcs to outline the eyes and you can give that a try if you want, and I suggest using the ruler to help level the arc-like outlines.

    I added several horizontal lines to control the sizes of the eyes and keep them leveled. Those lines can be adjusted to determine the sizes, shapes and even positions of the corners of the eyes. The circles were added to form the eye pupils, and they can come in different sizes like the eye pupils taking up most or less space of the eye outlines.

        The upper eye lips in different shapes like those above have been added. One on the left can be used for any characters that are to look young or cute while the eye in the middle would do best with any adult characters or those with serious faces. The one on right is quite versatile meaning that this eye shape can be used for both male and females, and it can even give them the Asian looks.