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All About the Eyes in Animanga

    As you can see from those pictures above, the most neat thing about the Animanga is the eyes of the characters which may have helped with the popularity of the Animanga. Their eyes take on so many different shapes (from simple to exotic) that tend to reflect their looks, gendars, ages, and even their personalities and that is something most comics (and most TV shows) anywhere else tend to lack. The real babies have large eyes that make them seem very cute which may have been a huge influence on many manga artists especially those with fondness for cute stuff, and that may be why large and cute eyes are so common in Animanga. Let's take a look at the examples of the various shapes of the eyes as the results of manga artists' diverse styles, and note how the "eyeshines" are done too.
Mituski of 
FullMoon O Sagashite
Chi of 
Kaori of
Ruoruni Kenshin
Kagome of
Jing of
King of the Bandits
Ichigo of
Edward of
FullMetal Alchemists
Shinku of
Rozen Maiden
Cesia of 
Dragon Knights
Tenchi of
Tenchi Myo series
Tsume of 
Wolf's Rain
Quincy of 

    It would seem bewildering to see so many different forms of the eyes, but the basics of drawing the eyes are actually the same.  I will show you the basics of drawing the eyes and how you can actually decide on the shapes of eyes to suit each character you want to draw. Let's move on to the next page.