TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Drawing Front View of a Female 'Full-Figure' Character.
Step 1

   Drawing a full figure person is very similar to drawing the Chibi figures, but the full-figure drawings tend to be harder because we have to remember more details of the human anatomy (not counting any exaggerations like longer legs or bigger eyes). I will give the step by step basics on how to draw the full figure people and it's up to you to decide on the way you draw them. Once you're familiar with full-figure drawings, you can develop "short-cut" techniques (that's what your brains are for) that will allow you to draw the full-figure people quickly like what I have been doing for my webcomics.
    We'll start with learning the methods of drawing a female character which tend to be bit harder to draw than male characters but there will be an article on the drawing the male characters.
    Let's start by sketching where a person should be and don't outline a head that is too big. Add a vertical lines to keep the figure straight up, not leaning and then he horizontal line  to mark where the eyes are to be.