TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Getting Started.
."Patience, Determination, Brains, and Never Stop Trying!"

    So your favorite Anime or manga got your inspired to draw and dream about doing your own mangas? That's great since drawing has been proven to be very useful in many career fields out there. A big bad news for anyone hoping to draw in no time is that learning to draw is far more complicated than you may believe, and the drawing is lot like learning to write a language.  If you really want to draw, you have to be very willing to take a lot of time and work in order to to learn to draw something and there are NO shortcuts unless you want to cheat by tracing or copying others' artworks. Many Animanga artists out there went through many years of practice to be this good at drawing, and I have been drawing since 1990 (not counting several years when I lost interest in drawing), but I got more serious with drawing when I first saw SailorMoon in 1994. As long as I'm drawing, my drawing skills never stop improving my drawing skill.  I have been able to learn to draw on my own without any help, and using what I learned from my experiences, I created the tutorials which I hope will help you get started with learning the basics of Anime drawing and I'm the kind of guy who encourage you to advance what you already learned on your own by just exploring/playing with your drawing styles and skills hopefully without directly imitating others' artworks. If you don't explore, you won't learn anything and be original.
    Once you have mastered the basics of the drawing, there are many ways you can decide on how you can advance your drawing skills and discover your interests. For example if you like to draw animals, you can focus on learning to draw the animals. How about spaceships? Fruits? Cars? Landscapes? Or even just girls? ^_^; As you become more skilled in drawing, you can make the choices of what you want to learn to draw as well as deciding on how to develop your own drawing style. For example, if you love science fiction, you would eventually be great at drawing the spaceships, giant robots, and technical stuff. If you prefer just romantic drama, you would eventually be great at drawing pretty people in romantic settings. If you like buildings and nature, you would be great at background drawings. If you love animals, you would be good at those.
    You can choose to be more versatile by learning a wide range of specializations, but the downfall to the versatility is you won't be top-notch in any of the specializations, because of the limited time available to be allocated to such studies. That's why many mangas (graphic novels) are done by the manga artists and their assistants where the top manga artist focus on drawing the characters while his/her assistants add something they're best at such as the tones, backgrounds and inking. But in spite of that, being versatile can be quite advantageous if you want to do your own mangas on your own.
    Learning to draw is a lot of work (not something for lazy people) and that is why you have to learn to learn to be patient, be determined, be able to use your brains, train your hands, and never ever stop trying!

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"Patience, Determination, Brains, and Never Stop Trying!".