TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
"Artist's Blind Eye"

    "Artists' Blind Eye" is a term I have given to a phenomen that happens to ALL artists out there. That means that when an artist shows off a picture that seemed perfect to the artist, but the people notice the flaws that are not obvious to the artist. Here's the examples which are always better than just technical blah blah. ^_^
    -Someone once pointed out that the heads in my drawings are too small in respect to the torsos, but I couldn't see that because my drawings seemed fine to me.
    -I had suggested to one artist to lower the nose in the drawings, but that artist hadn't changed the position of the nose because it looked fine to that artist. That nose looked like the pig's nose to me... ^_^;;
      -Michaelugelo 's "David" sculpture has oversized hands, and Michaelugelo didn't notice that!

    However, there are some cases where some artists may have made the "flaws" on purpose as in case of "Chibizing/Deforming" and all of those intended exaggerations. For example, I don't like "deer legs" (legs longer than natural lengths, common in Anime), so I had the legs be shortened close to the natural length, and I had some people saying that the legs are too short. This is the way I prefer to draw.
    It is very common for your persepective on your artworks to change even in a short time. For example, you drew one picture, and then a week later, you look at the same picture again, and noticed the flaws you didn't notice before. We tend to be so focused on drawing that we didn't notice the flaws we created at first. That's why I let any pictures I sketched sit there for several days before going over them again.
    If anyone have read my SailorMoon fanfic mangas, they can see how my drawing and coordination skills have improved over time. It was funny that when I first completed my Sailor Mercury: Beryl's Curse , it looked great to me. But seven years later when I completed the Sailor Chibimoon: The Queen of Kappa, and compared it to the Sailor Mercury: Beryl's Curse, I can see all of those huge big differences I haven't noticed before... Even the artist's persepective can change over time too.
      The "Artists' Blind Eye" is natural and because of the people's wide variety of points of view, it's almost impossible to overcome that. That's why there are no such thing as "Perfectionism". It's not healthy to be too obessessed with perfectionism and that's what killed Van Gogh. When he finished his last Sunflower artwork, he was so unhappy with it that he committed suicide.  So all you do is just do your best as you can to avoid making any mistakes you don't want to make, and it helps to listen to anyone's criticism because you never know how helpful some criticism might be.

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