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Sailor Moon Fanfic Mangas by JA



   Here's the famous (or infamous) Sailor Moon Fanfic Mangas for anyone to enjoy! Those Fanfic Mangas are my practice projects to help me develop my drawing and storytelling skills in order to my own original webcomics. If anyone like those old Sailor Moon fanfics, then they'll like my original webcomics. :) Please go to Webcomic Section to have fun reading (don't be scared to try something new!)

-Selected Art Scenes from JA's Sailor Moon Fanfics
   Featuring the quality artworks JA did for his fanfics (for those who don't have time to read the online mangas)

-The Saga of the Orb of Time ("Rated PG")
   A set of six mangas / doujinishi (comics) with each chapter featuring each of the original Sailor Soldiers (including Tuxedo Mask)
   The Orb of Time, one of most forbidden artifact has somehow escaped its hiding place and ended up as a gift to Ami Mizuno(Mercury). By accident, it was activated and she was sent to the future, and she must somehow return to her time and warn her friends of the dangers posed by the Orb of Time. To make matters worse, someone has began targeting the Sailor Soldiers, one at a time before Usagi Tsukino was finally kidnapped by their new enemy armed with the Orb of Time. It is recommended that this saga be read first.

-The Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse. ("Rated PG-13")
    A set of six mangas (comics) featuring the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers) 
of the Outer Planets A Sequal to the Saga of the Orb of Time.
   Four ancient entities of death have emerged to spread death and destruction around the world, and the big problem is that they are scattered around the world. The Sailor Soldiers must divide their forces to confront those four entities at once before anything get worse, but a mysterious druid has arrived to offer aid against those entities. To make matters more difficult, an old enemy decides to become mischievous... Please read the Saga of Orb of Time first before starting with this saga.

-Sailor ChibiMoon: The Queen of the Kappa ("Rated PG-13")
   Chibiusa's own fanfic manga which brings the conclusion to both the Saga of the Orb of Time and The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.
       Several years after SMStars Anime, Chibiusa returned to the 20th century once again to keep Hotaru company, but the real reason behind Chibusa's visit was that she was to search for the four missing senshi who are to become her protectors. Hotaru ends up being kidnapped by some mysterious creatures and Chibiusa was forced to follow the kidnappers thru the hidden portal to a different world where Chibiusa would discover a strange girl with silvery metallic wings suffering from a complete amnesia, and a very dark secret that nobody want to find out.

-Sailor Venus's Blooper Manga ("Rated H")("H" for "Humor")
    Featuring the funny/silly/stupid/goofy/whatever scenes recorded by Sailor Venus during the making of JA's Fanfic Mangas for anyone with sense of humor to enjoy.

-Paroby Crossover Comic Exchanges with Zefrenchm:
---Racing With Sailor Venus
---Back to the Future: Dead Scream Nuisiance

 -Profiles & Artwork of JA's Characters & Villians
   All about the characters and villians who showed up in JA's fanfic mangas.


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