When Created:
March 2008
Origins of name:
Name kept secret.
Country of Origin: Rivine, Ukraine
Birth Date:
July 9
Starting Age:
1.66 meters (5.5")
Type of Power: Air, wind type
Type of Job: Scout/Tracker,
Likes: Flying, make-ups and lipsticks.
Dislikes: Shiva's silly side, lazy people, Pacificators.
Favorite Colors: Light blue, gray,
Hobbies: Flying, reading cosmetic magazines, 
Preferred Outfits: Tight skirts, stockings, tanktops.
Straight, had a boyfriend.
Orthodox Christianity
Character Design Inspiration: A snappy & short-haired teacher I once had.

Character Questions:
-What is the good and bad sides of her personality?
-Why is she referred as "Enlil"?
-Why does she had to accompany Shiva?
-What does she use her large "Kite" for?
-Why does she dislike the Pacificators?
-Who was her boyfriend?
-What is her real name?
-What are her frustrations with other Renegades of her group?
-What friend does she like to hang out with?
-How does she torture "Pirate-Wannbe"?


Latest Reference
Official Reference
Old Reference
How her power work.