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Fairburn Agates
Southern vicinity of Black hills, South Dakota
         Here's the famous (or infamous if you prefer) Fairburn agates. They are most desired of any agates in North America while with exception for those with whole patterns, they tend to be far less appreciated in Europe. They appear too come in a wide range of bold colors that made them so desirable and most common colors are black, white, tan and gray. The agates were first found at Fairburn, South Dakota, and they can be found throughtout the alluvial deposits south of Black Hills (the source) in South Dakota all the way to Nebraska and Wyoming. They're so scattered by erosion of the Black Hills over such large areas that they're quite hard to find. Since the agates are already naturally polished, the Fairburn agates in their natural appearances tend to be more preferred than polished ones but there are cases when it's better to polish them than leave them in their natural forms as I have found out.
    It's common for the fairburn agates to come in form of fragments due to erosional processes, and it's obvious that they came from the concretions in the limestone formation of Black Hills much like the Tee Pee Canyon agates. It's possible that the Tee Pee Canyon Agates and Fairburns shared the same limestone formation, but formed under different enviromental conditions. Even there are some varieties of Fairburn agates some expert collectors can identify where in the vicinty of the Black Hills they came from.

Note: Because of using the scanner,  ALL pictures in this gallery are "2D" which I can show what seem to be their best sides.

Small Fairburns, $8 each,
FBR001G, FBR001F & BGR001E are SOLD
FBR002-$10 FBR003-$10 FBR004-$10 FBR010--$15
FBR008--$20 FBR009--$20 FBR012--$25 FBR013--$20
FBR017--$20 FBR022--$25