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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Union Road Agates
Union Road, South of St. Louis, Missouri
    The Union Road Agates come in form of concretion nodules, and they were collected by Bill T. just south of St. Louis, Missouri, along the Union Road during the construction of I-270 & I-55 intersection highway before the site was overlaid with shopping districts.
    It seems that very small percentage(5-10%) of any Union Road nodules contain agates, and quality agates are even rarer. The most common colors are white, black, tan, brown and ivory, and other rarer colors are red, orange, and pink. The color of many Union Road Agates had been bleached or redistributed by the water from nearby Mississippi River so it is rare to find the agates in their origjnal colors that had not been "messed up".  Some agate fragments remind me of fairburn agates because of their bold colors. The fractures are quite common along the Union Road nodules due to being weathered out of their limestone host by Mississippi river. Some Union Road geodes contain interesting minerals like geothite needles and sometimes millerite.
    It's quite interesting to note that most colorful agates come in the sedmentary concretions (Dryhead, TeePee, Fairburns, and Kentucky)


Rough Appearance: Weathered tan to brown concretions, sometimes showing agate.
Agates are heavily "bleached" and usually with re-distributed colors, common colors are white, tan, brown, and black.
Those with showy colors and bandings are rare.
Typical Nodule with Geode Center Typical Agate with swirls of colors Typical colors
Neat Chromagraphy! Swirls of orange and black Bright colors!
Reddish hint Constrasting bands! Bright blue color!
Have petroleum in them! (smelled while grinding)
From a Different Source few miles away From a Different Source few miles away From a Different Source few miles away

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