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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Needle Peak Agates
Owned by Woodward Ranch, Brewster Co., Texas
   Needle Peak Area si one of few areas that is still open to the rockhounders.
   The Needle Peak area is known for green moss agates and a small percentage of such mossy agates contain yellow "Pom Pom" inclusions, giving them the nickname, "Pom Pom Agate" and "Thistle Agates". The yellow needle-like inclusions turn otu to be calcite or aragonite and not all of them were completely replaced by agate. Some banded agates have been found there too and they are basically white to colorless. Some can be cut to obtain Iris Agates.
   Rare yellowish tan agate and amethyst encrusted aragonite psuedomorphs have been found in that area, and one large piece ended up in the collection of Smithsonian Insitution. For more information, please visit Woodward Ranch
Rough Appearance: Greenish nodules with red basalt attached to them.
Usually come with clear agate with green to yellow moss inclusions, sometimes show yellow "Poms" or needles.

Typical Green & Yellow Moss Agate Yellow radiating needles in green moss agate.
Yellow "PomPom" balls visible
thru clear agate.
A Classic Example of "Pom Pom" or Thistle" Agate
which yellow patterns resemble 
the yellow PomPom flowers. (SLAB)
Pom Pom Agate with unreplaced calcite balls. Typical clear agate
Plenty of little yellow "PomPoms" on green moss agate. Rare agate covered Aragonite Crystals
Found in the same place(NeedlePeak)

Rare fully silificied sagenite agate

For more information, please visit Woodward Ranch