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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Luna Agates (Mexican type) 
Terrenates, Chihuahua, Mexico
    The white to grayish purple agates were named "Luna Agate" because the "eyes" reminded the miners of the moon's cratered surface as when there was a big hype about Apollo missions to the moon. Unfortunately, that brings up some confusion with the fact that we already have "Luna Agates" coming from the deposits around Luna, New Mexico. Unlike the banded agates of Luna, New Mexico, the Mexican Luna Agates usually don't have well-defined bands with longer and more obvious crystalline fibers showing and occasionally encrusted with quartz or amethyst. Their rough forms and patterns strongly remind me of stromalites, a type of bacterial fossils that build up a layer by layer leading me to believe that they might well be the agatized stromalite fossils. I think there is another location that produce similar but more grayish specimens. The original Lana Agates would be more purplish and the most sough specimens are those with white "eyes" surrounded by strong purple colors.
    Supposedly, they were mined in 1970s and have become harder to find, but I seem to keep seeing a plenty of luna agates lately.


Rough Picture not available (I forgot to scan the roughs)
Rough Appearance: Usually large broken clunks showing white "eyes", gray to purple colors
Also in stromalite-like forms often encrusted with amethyst or quartz.

White "eyes" characteristic of Luna Agate Purplish hue