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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Malawi Agates
Malawi, Africa
    Malawi Agates was mined in 1970s as a result of the popularity of Botswana Agates, but since they came form the tectonically active (earthquakes) area, most agates are heavily fractured, cutting short any further mining activaties. They come in the colors of red, orange, yellow, blue and white colors with red, blue and white being most common colors. Small specimens will have better chance of being unfractured than those of larger specimens, but it is possible to find large speicmesn with minium number of fractures. There is a different type of bluish lacy agate recently brought in from Malawi that has been mislabeled as "Malawi Agate" which is similar to the Blue Lace Agate but tend to be hollow and lined with druzy quartz. It would be more proper to call that kind of agate as "Malawi Lace Agate".


Rough Appearance: Rough and usually narrow nodules with "seams" of blue agate showing.
Heavily fractured, blue, red and white are characteristic colors,

Unusually few fractures for its large size.
Rare(?) yellow color With Shadowing effect


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