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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Luna & Apach Creek Agates
Luna & Apach Creek, Grant Co., New Mexico
    The basalt beds around Luna and Apach Creek, New Mexico have produced several similar types of agates all passed as just "Luna Agates" which leads to the confusion with purple colored Luna Agate from Northern Mexico. They tend to be found in large sizes under the blanket of pine needles. Most are fractured, and come in the colors of white, gray, and faint blue/lavendar and I have yet to hear anything about colors. I get an impression that they may have formed the similar way the Big Diggin Agates did which the agate fill in the irregular gaps lined with calcite. The Luna Agates appeared to have already weathered out out of the basalt beds and what remained of calcite are their crystal impressions on the agates. The Apach Creek agates are similar on shape and tend to be darker colored, commonly with "waterlines" features.


Rough Appearance: Irregular geometric shapes, usually with calcite impressions all over.
Agates typically clear and colorless sometimes with faint white to gray banding. Black one usually from Apach Creek
Typical banded agate Blue colored
With shadowing effect

Dark colored agate from Apach Creek