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Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum:
Fairburn Agates
Southern Vicinty of Black Hills, South Dakota
     Here are the famous (or infamous if you prefer) Fairburn agates, highly desired by American collectors for their wide range of bold colors and patterns. The agates were named after Fairburn, South Dakota, and they can be found throughtout the alluvial deposits south of Black Hills (the source) in South Dakota all the way to Nebraska. They're so scattered by erosion of the Black Hills over such large areas that they're quite hard to find. Since the agates are already naturally polished, the Fairburn agates in their natural appearanes tend to be more preferred than polished ones.  Frankly, I thought that the prices for the Fairburns are insane.


Rough Appearance: Naturally polished look with bits of agate showing. Some colors blackened by weathering.
Also can come in brown to tan chert. Can be confused with larger Praire Agates.
Polished by myself (was broken) Polished by myself (had a cut edge) Polished by myself, has shadowing effect.
Rare whole face Polished by myself (was cut)
Rare whole face. Actually a Tee Pee Canyon Fragment.
Some people will pass them as Fairburns.
So beware!
I'm tempted to cut this one. Rare double-chambered feature.

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