The Realm of Sailor Energy: Pacificators
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Rated PG13, but somewhat low in profanity.

-"Storyboard" version (not finalized, can be revised for publications)
Editors: Kim Houtzager and
Talitha Chumley.

-Pacificators 01: The Gateway to the Heavens:
  Volume1: Prologue and Chapter 01 "Daryl's First Mission" (January 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 02, :All Aboard!" (February 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 03, "The Regrets" (March 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 04, "Getting There" (May 2008
  Volume1: Chapter 05, "The Sleuths" (June 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 06, "The Interventions" (July 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 07, "The Apologies" (August 2008)
  Volume1: Chapter 08, "Getting Away" (September 2008)

  Printed Version Available for Order at the Comixpress Site (click on the link) or you can order one directly from (faster).
-Pacificators 02: The Turmoil at Iberia:
  Volume2: Prologue and Chapter 9, "The Return" (January 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter 10, "Train Trouble" (February 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter 11, "The Observer" (March 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter 12, Not Looking Foward to it." (April 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter13, "The Three Renegades" (May 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter14, "The Duel of Water and Lighting" (June 2009)
  Volume2: Chapter15, "The Scoldings" (July 2009)
-Pacificators 03: The Royal Pain:
 Currently under revision:

  Volume3: Prologue and Chapter 16, "Running into the Wall" (November 2009)
  Volume3: Chapter 17, "Dreaming of her 1st Encounter" (November 2009)
  Volume3: Chapter 18, "The Renegades Strike Again," (January 2010)
  Volume3: Chapter 19, "The Duel" (January 2010)
  Volume3: Chapter 20, "Sweet Revenge" (Feburary 2010)
  Volume3: Chapter 21, "Taking on the Three Wild Renegades" (March 2010)
  Volume3: Chapter 22, "Yuma's Inner Struggle" (April 2010)
  Volume3: Chapter 23, "The Royal Decision" (May 2010)
Comic-Pacificators 04: The Preservers:
  Volume4: Prologue Chapter 24 (March 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 25, "A Gift from Far East" (April 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 26, "Chance Meetings" (May 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 27, "Personal Problems" (July 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 28, "Pirate Wannabe" (August 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 29, "Change in the Wind" (September 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 30, "Fire Vs Wind" (October 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 31, "Really Nasty Surprise" (November 2011)
  Volume4: Chapter 32, "The Shadow Sleuth" (February 2012) 
  Volume4: Chapter 33, "Nozimo's Decision" (March 2012) 

gr-Pacificators 05: The Art of Deceptions:
  Volume5: Chapter 34, The Impending Doom (December 2012)
  Volume5: Chapter 35, Making the Call (January 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 36, The Chancellor (February 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 37,  Breaking Through. (March 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 38,  Misgivings. (April 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 39,  The New "Pirate" Crew (May 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 40,  Reinforcements (June 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 41, The Water Duel (July 2013)
  Volume5: Chapter 42, Who's Fooling Who? (September 2013)

OnGoing Series:
  Chapter 43, The Gate Stays Closed. (July 2014)



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