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   A gallery of JA's quality drawings used in the Pacificators mangas.

- Valentine Day Message from Aphrodite (February 2010)

  Chapter 01 "Daryl's First Mission" (January 2008)
  Chapter 02, :All Aboard!" (February 2008)
  Chapter 03, "The Regrets" (March 2008)
  Chapter 04, "Getting There" (May 2008)
  Chapter 05, "The Sleuths" (June 2008)
  Chapter 06, "The Interventions" (July 2008)
  Chapter 07, "The Apologies" (August 2008)
  Chapter 08, "Getting Away" (September 2008)
  Chapter 9, "The Return" (January 2009)
  Chapter 10, "Train Trouble" (February 2009)
  Chapter 11, "The Observer" (March 2009)
  Chapter 12, Not Looking Foward to it." (April 2009)
  Chapter 13, "The Three Renegades" (May 2009)
  Chapter 14, "The Duel of Water and Lighting" (June 2009)
  Chapter 15,  (last chapter)
  Chapter 16, "Running into the Wall" (November 2009)
  Chapter 17, "Dreaming of her First Encounter" (November 2009)
  Chapter 18, "The Renegades Strike Again" (Decenber 2009)
  Chapter 19, "The Duel" (January 2010)
  Chapter 20, "Sweet Revenge" (Februray 2010)
  Chapter 21, "Taking on the Three Wild Renegades" (March 2010)
  Chapter 22, "Yuma's Inner Struggle", Breanne Geothe" (April 2010)
  Chapter 23, "The Royal Decision: (Qmara and Bismun)" (May 2010)
  Chapter 24th is a prolugue chapter.
  Chapter 25, "A Gift from Far East" (April 2011)
  Chapter 26, "Chance Meetings" (May 2011)
  Chapter 27, "Personal Problems" (July 2011)
  Chapter 28, "Pirate Wannabe" (August 2011)
  Chapter 29, "Change in the Wind" (September 2011)
  Chapter 30, "Fire Vs Wind" (October 2011)
  Chapter 31, "Really nasty Surprises" (November 2011)
  Chapter 32, "The Shadow Sleuth" (February 2012)
  Chapter 33, "Nozmi's Decision" (March 2012)
  Chapter 34, The Impending Doom (December 2012)
  Chapter 35, Making the Call (January 2013)
  Chapter 36, The Chancellor (February 2013)
  Chapter 37, Breaking Through (March 2013)
  Chapter 37, Breaking Through (March 2013)
  Chapter 38,  Misgivings. (April 2013)
  Chapter 39,  The New "Pirate Crew" (May 2013)
  Chapter 40,  Reinforcements (June 2013)
  Chapter 41,  The Water Duel (July 2013)
  Chapter 42, Who's Fooling Who? (September 2013)

Posted November 2013:
-TV Tropes: Big Brother Instinct
-TV Tropes: Ice Queen

-Halloween is Breanne's Favorite Holiday
-Arttrade: BabySitting Zombie & Ghoul Children for basher-the-basilisk
-Artrade: Muneca Powell and Shadoyarn having Tea Together for shatoyarn-moongoddes
-Arttrade: The Teachers' Meeting for Pheep
-Arttrade: Pin-up Poster Posing, clothed for awash2002
   -Arttrade: Pin-up Poster Posing(Warning Nudity!) for awash2002
-Arttrade: Qamra Gives Shenira an assignment for shenira
-Arttrade: Cinna's Fashion Issue for shnoogums5060
-Arttrade: Stellar's Prank on Muneca Powell for Pheep
-Arttrade: Light Bulb is Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! for basher-the-basilisk

Posted before October 2012:
-St. Patrick's Day 2013 (Kathy Lee) (March 2012)
-Happy Valentine's Day by Aphrodite (February 2013)
-The Apples Keep Dolls Away (October 2012)
-Saved by One's own Butt? (October 2012)
-Larima Cosplay as Gadget Belly Dancer (Requested by Annonymous) July 2012
-Taffe, Akosmia, Enegiea, Cinna and Muneca in Maple Story game for ayumuhunter July 2012
-Horse-racing (Horse-like alien humanoids) for hpfangirl9177 July 2012
-WordPlay on "Victorian" (Dec 2011)
-Artrade: Platoon 142 for RenStudios(Dec 2011)
 -Coloring Pencils: Qamra & Bismun (Dec 2011)
-Cinna's Scare Tactic
-Pacificators and Galaxy Star Angel Yuriko (OC) for
-Sailor Moon and Pacificators for hpfangirl9177(June 2011)
-What to NOT Do while Scuba Diving (Pacificators), March 2011)
-Halloween Special: Pacificators Cosplaying as Nintendo Characters (October 2010)
-Jussy Asks JA to Draw Taffe for healercharm (August 2009) 
-Larima Provides a Rest for his OC, Helder for helder666 (October 2010)
-Aphrodite and Jussy for healercharm  (February 2010) 
-Jussy & Daryl for healercharm (August 2009)
-Breanne Geothe and her Platoon for RenStudios, January 2009


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