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Art Scenes from JA's SailorMoon Fanfic Mangas



     Hello and welcome to this gallery where selected good art scenes from JA's Sailor Moon Fanfic manga are showcased as well as showing how my (JA) drawing skills have evolved over time. This page was set up for anyone interested only in art with no time/interest to read the entire online fanfic mangas.
    There are three sets of SailorMoon Fanfic mangas: The Saga of the Orb of Time featuring Sailor Moon and her Protectors, slightly more controverial The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse featuring the Senshi of the Outer Planets, and deceptive Sailor Chibimoon: The Queen of the Kappa. The Saga of the Orb of Time took place between Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S while The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse took place between two story arcs of SMStars (after incident with Nehelenia and before arrival of Galaxia). Sailor Chibimoon: The Queen of the Kappa chapter took place several years after SMStars.
   I like to tell a story thru drawings, hence, the fanfic mangas which played a very important role in the evolution of my drawing skills and if it wasn't for those fanfic mangas, I wouldn't have gotten this good as well as having earned confidence to go for my own mangas. ^_^;
    When I first started the fanfic mangas, I started with only pencils, pens, rulers and markers with very basic experience with computer coloring and editing, but at the end, almost everything were done with the computer.

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