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TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
How to Draw the Heads in Various Poses

       A Rule: The vertical line and the horizontal that make up the face always are perpendicular ( + ) to each other regardless of differing points of view on a head.  It also helps to play with your head in front of a mirror, and discover the limits of how far you can move your head.

 Note how her temple get closer to the vertical line as she turns her head. The eyes and the rest of her head also get narrower
as she turns her head away from you.
    The head cannot turn more than 160-165 degrees from a side to other side (not 180 degrees!). Try turning your head all the
way from a side to other side. You'll notice that you can't get your chin to line up with your shoulder. I have seen several
pictures where the artists made the mistakes of turning the heads too far. It's anatomically  impossible for a chin to pass a

Notice how the horizontal lines crossing the eyes and mouths shrink as she moves her head upward. The same thing also
occurs when she moves her downward, and the hair bangs must also move downward as if moving in to hide her eyes. Also,
the top part of the neck get hidden by the chin when her head is moved downward. To have a chin touch a neck of the
shoulders, her neck have to be pushed forward in order to lower the head.

This diagram shows the positions of the heads in respect to the necks.

The first head of Usagi (Serena) when she's an adult.
The second one is when Usagi (Serena) is 14 years old.
The third is when she is the age of Chibusa(Rini) (8 years old)
The fourth one is when she is the age of Chibichibi (2 years old)

     You can see how her faces differ from each different ages. The youngest person has smaller and more cute looking head
(smaller nose & mouth and eyes are closer to the chin). As a person ages, the head gets bigger, more spacious (wider space
between the eyes and chin), larger noses & mouths. Of course, the hair gets longer with age if not trimmed.

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