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TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Various Poses of Body, Arms and Legs

    Drawing the characters in poses are usually not easy especially for the beginners, and more complicated the poses are, harder it it will to draw them. There are almost no limit to the numbers of the poses the characters can display, and I can cover only some of them. The diagrams are to help give you some ideas on how to draw the various poses of the characters. Please note that the diagrams do the "most of the talking", and drawn on an assumption that that you already have reviewed the previous courses. If you haven't previewed the previous courses, please check them out first so to be able to understand the diagrams and explanations provided.
   Unless noted otherwise, because of her acrobatic body, Minako (Mina) will be a model to demonstrate how I draw her in various poses. Also, please excuse me making Minako (Mina)....

    Ahem, please excuse for making Minako (Mina) be underchad (only her private parts are clothed). This is necessary to show how the parts of her body is drawn in response to the various poses. Semi-nude drawings can be helpful to those interested in drawing the characters in swimsuits, leopards, or any other tight fitting clothes. If you would like to go through all of the poses in one sweep (without having to go back to this page often), just hit "Arms and Legs in Different Poses".

Arms and Legs in Different Poses.
Sailor Moon Makes a Salute.
Standing/Resting on One Leg.
Running (Amara/Haruka)
Sitting and Leaning on a Bench (Darien/Mamoru)
Laying on Her Side.
"Split" Pose

Drawing in 3D
Yaten Grabbing for the Camera.
Laying down on the Floor.

    To learn how a human body moves and the limits of how much it can move, you can just experiment with your own body,  look up the pictures in the books/magazines or observe other people in action. Watching the gymnasiums in the Olympics can be of a great assistance. If you want to draw an exact pose, but you don't know how to do it, just ask someone else to pose for you.

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