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TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Differences between Males & Females
& Brief Tutorial on Drawing Mamoru (Darien)

    Even there are many differences in the way the female and male bodies are shaped, but the basic tutorials covering drawing Usagi (Serena) can be applied to drawing male characters since the drawing concepts remains the same regardless.  So this page will show the differences between a male and a female as well as showing off how to "see" the patterns in such bodies (be sure to read the article on "It's the Patterns!" first). Any sensitive people must be cautioned for two diagrams in this page involve almost completely nude characters (meaning both male and female are bare chested with all details included). But don't worry, I prepared an extra version for your convience, just pay attention to those yellow words. ^_^

        Basic Shapes & Pattern Diagrams of Male & Female for those who don't want to deal with anything nude.
        Full Sets of Male & Female Diagrams for those who don't have any problems with 90% nudity.

        Sorry, the side view diagram is not available, because I wasn't able to get the drawing look right (live models would be quite helpful). ^_^;;

-Brief Tutorials on Drawing Mamoru (Darien)
    -How to Draw the head of Mamoru (Darien) at angle view.
    -How to Draw the full-figure of Mamoru (Darien) at angle view.

    It appears that any anime series have more shape variations of the male faces than that of the females. Here are some diagrams to show the differing shapes and features of the male heads (such as those of Jedite (Jadeite), Tiger-eye, Grandpa Hino and Greg (Urawa). The courses on drawing the female heads can be applied to those with girlish features (such as Yaten and young boys like Greg (Urawa).

    Diagram of Varying Male Faces.

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