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    When it comes to any manga/comic/story drawings, emotions are always important part of any characters, and yet, they're very tricky to work with because it required a good understanding of how the emotions work in response to various situations and it's very true for any movie actors and voice actors. We can produce so many different & complex types of emotions based on various situations we face. We can be angry at something, and be angry in a different way at something different. Even the personalities of the characters shape the way they display their emotions, and the emotions also vary depending on the artists/authors' experiences. The emotions shown in Japanimations and mangas are very similar to those of American cartoons, but done in a somewhat different way, but it would help greatly to learn to master the complications of the emotions that were shown in great diversity throughout the Japanimations and mangas.
    It is very difficult to teach anyone how to draw various emotions, but it's possible to go with the basic emotions. In many cases, the emotions are not something that can be done logically, and they has to be done in a way the actors display their emotions during the movies as if they were actual characters of that movie. It's just a matter of understanding how the muscles work in the face, and how they act in response to emotion invoking situations. The best way is make the emotions work to pretend to be that character you're drawing/writing, and act out that character. Let's say that Minako is very happy with a gift she received. To draw a happy emotion on her face, all you do is pretend is that you got happy when you got a gift. When you're happy, "freeze" your emotion and feel where the muscles are most tense (like raised cheeks for example). You draw the emotion based on what you felt on your face. That's how I learned to produce my own emotions based on Japanimations. Sometimes, a combination of two or more emotions can result in a different expression.

    Let's review the examples of various emotions displayed below, and many pictures here are taken from my own fanfic mangas (much easier than spending a lot of time searching thru internet for hard-to-find screenshots).

Neptune was making comments in relaxed tone. 

    When the characters are relaxed, their faces are just straight (no muscle tensions in face), hence, no emotions displayed. Varying the relaxed faces can show off their personalities. For example, Uranus would frown a bit even when she's relaxed.

Happy, Cheerful, Excitation
Pluto displays a faint smile.

   That is a basic smile which we feel muscle tensions tagging only at the ends of the mouth.

Venus cheerfully makes a point/suggestion.

   That face is more lit up. The eyes tend to be closed in upside down 'U' which can vary in height while the eyebrows are raised slightly (muscle tensions). More cheerfully/happy, taller the upside down 'U' can get. There are times when the eyes can stay open while being cheerful.

Jupiter happily chats "Good Morning!"

  Very similar to Venus's but more lit up as indicted by how wide her mouth is. Jupiter was very happy and relieved that Saturn was safe and unharmed.

Jupiter's having a daydream.

   You can tell by her dreamy face that she's having a good daydream. The eyelids are lowered as if looking sleepy, with a smile on her face. "Sharing toward nothing" can indict that a person is daydreaming too.

Neptune eagerly asks a question.

   The eyes usually lit up to show eagerness, but can be confused with cheerful. Only situations will demonstrate the eagerness. "Oh, I'm so excited" can have Usagi with a happy face.

Venus's chuckling devilishly as if she pulled a trick on someone.

   The cheeks are pushed upward when grinning like that, resulting in the crescent shaped eyes. A happy face can can have those crescent shaped eyes, but with a broad smile/open mouth instead of grin.

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