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TRSE: How To Draw Tutorials:
Design Sketches of the SM Characters & Villains

    Listed are the Design Sketches used in the Anime version of SailorMoon as well as those diagrams done by Naoko Takeuchi for the producers of SailorMoon series. They proved to be useful. Naoko T.'s sketches are scanned from The Sailor Moon Materials "Artbook" book and some from Nakayoshi's SMR Collection Book. My own sketches are also included on most of diagrams so you know that any pictures with "JA" next to them are drawn by myself. ^_~ Anime version sketches are provided by Claudia. What are listed below are all I have right now, and please find me more of such design sketches!!
   Note that the design sketches tend to be quite big (so see all of the details) and they will take some time to fully load.

    Usagi Tsukino #1 (SM1st)
    Usagi Tsukino #2 (SM1st)

    Setsuna Meioh, all three Talismans for Neptune, Uranus and Pluto

    Queen Beryl by Naoko T.
    Headshots of Jadeite (Jedite), Nephrite (Neplite), Zoisite (Zoycite) & Kunzite (Malachite) by Naoko T.
    Outfits of the Generals: All Generals except Kunzite (Malachite) wear same outfit. by Naoko T.

    Enn (Ann), Anime Version
    Ali (Alan), Anime Version

    Coan (Catz) in purple
         & Berthier (Bertie) in light blue by Naoko T.
    Cooan, Anime Version
    Berthier(Bertie), Anime Version
    Petz (Prizma)
        & Calaveras (Avery) by Naoko T.
    Prince Demand (Diamond) by Naoko T.
    Prince Demand (Diamond), Anime Version
    Saffire (Sapphire) by Naoko T.
    Saffire (Sapphire) & Wiseman, Anime Version
    Esmeraldo (Emerald) by Naoko T.
    Rubeus by Naoko T.
    Rubeus, Anime Version
    Black Lady (Wicked Lady) by Naoko T.

    Professor Tomoe
        & Kaolinith in Red by Naoko T.
    Kaolinith in Black by Naoko T.
    Mimete (orange)
        & Eudial (red)
           & Viluy (light blue) by Naoko T.
    Tellu (green)
        & Cyprine & Ptilol (twins) by Naoko T.
    Mistress 9 by Naoko T.

    Zirconia & Zircon by Naoko T.
    Tiger-Eye by Naoko T.
    Hawk-Eye by Naoko T.
    Fish-Eye by Naoko T.
    VestaVesta (red)
       & PallaPalla (blue) by Naoko T.
    JunJun (green)
        & CereCere (pink) by Naoko T.
    Nehelenia by Naoko T.
    Nehelenia (Anime version)

    Galaxia by Naoko T.
    Iron Mouse by Naoko T.
    Aluminum Siren by Naoko T.
    Lead Crow by Naoko T.
    Tin Nyanko by Naoko T.
    Heavy Metal Papillion (manga only) by Naoko T.
    Lethe (in pink)
        & Mnemosyne (in teal) (manga only) by Naoko T.
    Phi (green)
        & Chi (brown) (manga only) by Naoko T.

Sailor Moon: Another Story Famicon Game (Not Officially Part of Sailor Moon Series)
    Opposite Senshi & their Master

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