The Realm of Sailor Energy:
   Christmas Art Gift Exchange



      Each December, I hosted a Christmas Art Gift Exchange at

December 2013: (few were missing)
--01. From NguTheShiningTalent
             For Ngu the Shining Talent
--03. From TigerBreath13
             For TigerBreath13
--04.From 3D Footfan
             For 3D FootFan
--06. From Kira Thany
             For Kira Thany
--07. From KiyathanitheDJ
             For KiyathaniteDJ
--08.  From Trevor911
             For Trevor911
--09. From AsoDesigner
            For AsoDesigner
--11. From PrettySoldierPetite
             For PrettySoldierPetite
--12. For Both Me and MarioJaguuant
--13. From BigTimBears
             For BigTimBears
--14. From Awashi2002
             For Awashi2002
--15. From Akihabara-Butterfly
             For Akihabnra-Butterfly
--18. From Shnoogums5060
            For Shnoongum
--19. From Basher_the_basilisk
            For Basher The Basikisk
--20. From Magnetin
            For Magnetin
--21. From BobMagroto
             For BobMagroto
--22. From AngelofBeauty88
            For AngelofBeauty88
--23. From JackWeirdGuy
            For JackWeirdGuy
 --24. From Zigaudrey
             For Zigaudrey
--25. From Pheeph
            For Pheeph
--26. From RosePrincess
             For RosePrincess
--27. From Voltron1z
            For Voltron1z
--28. From Homeboy322
            For HomeBoy322
--29. From Shenria
            For Shenria
--30. From ProfessorOak
             For ProfessorOak
--31. From ClipperWhiz1
             For ClipperWhiz1
--32. From SilverFoxPrincess
             For SilverFoxPrincess
--33. From CopperGal24
         From CopperGal24 (2)
            For CooperGal24
--34. From Sedna
             For Sedna
--35. From PRArtist
            For PRArtist
--36. From TellyToons
            For TellyToons
--37.From Bluediamondpikachu93
            For Bluediamondpikachu93
--38. From KittyOcean
             For KittyOcean
--39. From Rabbit of the Moon
             For Rabbit of Moon
--40. From GameMaster999
             For GameMaster999
--42. From MegaGundamMan
             For MegaGundamMan
--43. From LittleKumaChan
             For LIttleKumaChan
--44. From Krazoa157
             For Krazoa157
--45. From PhoenixRisingFromAsh
            For PhoenixRisingFromAsh
--46. From IceCheetah
            For IceCheetah
--47. From LokiLoverForever101
            For LokiLoverForever101
--49. From ZeFrenchm
             For ZeFrenchm
--50. From Helder666
             For Helder666
--51. From Rose74
            For Rose74
--52. From Daniel
             For Daniel
--53. From CrashTheMegaRaptor
            For CrashTheMegaRaptor