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     Pls keep in mind is that I manage this large website ALONE, so I'm usually slow with adding things that you're waiting for. Subscribing to my mailing list is recommended so to obtain a monthly newsletter detailing any new additions to my website. Thanks!

Sailor ChibiMoon: Queen of the Kappa fanfic manga.... Now in Drawing Process: Total Pages: 264
-Inking Progress: 130 pages out of 264 pages inked. ^_^
"Teasers" sketches: Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 01, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 02, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 03, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 04, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 05, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 06, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 07, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 08

November  14, 2005:
-Still busy with Chibiusa fanfic project as usual. ^_^
-Completed four requested GIFs of  IGPX

-New Sailor Moon fanarts by Fireball, Madi(new), &  Trinity Pride(new)
-Also an InuYasha fanart of Sesshmoru by Jyinxe

-More SM 2x Mermaid Kawaii GIFs by Madi

-Here's the KISS Doll GIFs by Jennifier's KISS Doll GIFs based on our (Hiroko and me) KISS Doll GIFs Bases.

November  11, 2005:
-Even some people had no problems with playing the KISS Doll game, some people did had some complications with trying to open the KISS Doll Game we made. I updated the SailorMoon Transformation Crisis KISS Game by adding some more information on downloading and installing. If there are still some complications, please let me know.
    I had problems with trying to send the emails to the people who asked some questions about KISS Game, and some of the emails bounced back as if their email addresses were mispelled. They really need to watch the way they type email addresses (all are AOL) (and remove the spam safeguards if necessary)... How can I help those people if my emails couldn't reach them?!  -_-;;

    Oh, I remember that some people are looking for downloadable Naoko Takeuchi's artworks. Here's the website: . That website also have the translations of Naoko T.'s comments about each of her artworks like how she said that Prince Demand and the Glass of Wine was one of her favorites artworks she had done, and how Setsuna prefers long skirts. ^_^

November  08, 2005:
-Sorry for any delays (lot happened), but the SailorMoon Transformation Crisis KISS Game is now ready for download. ^_^ The KISS Doll Bases (requested by several people & fashion designers) are available for your use, but the catch is that they're in the zip files.

-Finished the requested GIF of Kaito from Jeanne Kamikaze.
-Mesamne (Melissa) produced a GIF Doll of Nehelenia.

New SailorMoon guest fanarts by KtariO
-Also three new Tokyo Mew Mew fanart from KtariO, and a fanart of Naruto by Kumiko.

November 01, 2005:
   The Mini-Manga has officially closed and all votes have been counted: Here's the results at The Second Mini-Manga  Contest.  The KISS Doll Game (and ditto for KISS Doll bases which I was requested to make) section is not ready yet due to be busy with the contest results and new additions, but it'll be post shortly (hopefully two days from  now). ^_^; Sorry for the delay. -The last page of What to Wear for Halloween 2005 is now posted. ^_^
-I finished two simple mini-mangas: Mew Zakuro's Problem with some People(Tokyo Mew Mew) and The Barrel (Fruit Baskets). Yeah, they're in black & white colors, I don't have time to color them. ^_^;

-Finished the requested GIFs of six characters of Angelic Layer, Gaara and Hinata of Naruto. I also completed the Kawaii GIF Bases for the mermaids and mermans as some people have requested. ^_^

New SailorMoon guest fanarts by KtariO,Kitten,KTC, &  Fireball(new)
-Also two new Tokyo Mew Mew fanart from KtariO.

-New SailorMoon Doll GIFs by KTC,
-More GIFs (Fairy, Mermaid & School) by Madi
-More Tokyo Mew Mew GIFs by KtariO, Mariah of Beyblade GIF Doll by KTC

Websites of Interest:
    FanFiction Domain (just set up, need more SM fanfics)
   SME's Sailor Moon Cel Gallery (collecton of anime cels used to make SM cartoons)

October 24, 2005:
   I have started inking the Chibiusa manga, and I'm making good progress (I can ink an average of 10 pages a night). The voting process will end on Nov 01, and the winners will be announced on the same date. ^_^ The Sailor Moon: Transformation Pen Crisis KISS Game has finally be done with help of several talented artists, and it'll be posted on Nov 01.

-Finished the requested GIF of Kira, Nicol, Athrune & Locus of Gundam Seed, Alexander of Hellsing, Kissing GIF of Ichigo & Masaya of Tokyo Mew Mew  and a Couple/Friends GIF of Katsuya(Joey) & Kaijiki(Mai) of Yu-Gi-Oh!

-New guest SailorMoon fanarts byKTC, &KtariO

-Also posted Sasami the Mermaid (Tenchi Muyo) and Makoto(Call Me Princess) fanarts by KtariO.

-More SM Doll GIFs by Cynthia
-More SM 2x Kawaii GIFs by Madi
-A Doll GIF of Luchia of Mermaids P.P.P. by KtariO
-A Saturn Doll GIFby Starchild
-Two original Doll GIFs by JessicaRules93

October 17, 2005:
   Okay, you asked for them. Here's three "Teaser" Sketches from Chibimoon fanfic manga project. ^_^ Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 06, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 07, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 08.  Note that most panels will have CPU-made backgrounds.
    I'm pleased to announce that I have completed the penciling progress, and now all that leaves is inking. ^_^

Finished the requested GIF of Yami as Pharoah of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Nehelenia as child (as seen in the first story arc of SMStars).
-New guest SailorMoon fanarts by JetLunarSkye,
-Also posted several new Tokyo Mew Mew & Angel Burst fanarts by KtariO, and a Lova Hina fanart by EtomoAki

-More SM Doll GIFs by Cynthia
-Two newr Doll GIFs by Ilse
-More SM 2x Kawaii GIFs by Madi
-More SM Kawaii GIFs by Cythnia
-2x Kawaii GIFs by Kitten

-Doll GIF of Tsubaki of Angelic Layer by KtariO

October 12, 2005:
   Okay, here's a What to Wear for Halloween 2005 mini-manga from me! ^_^ I'm almost done with penciling the Chibimoon fanfic manga!! Anyone want few more "Teasers"? ^_~

-Completed a requested Kissing GIF of Takuto & Meroko of FullMoon Wo Sagashite. That GIF inspired me to do one of  Endymion & Serenity. The kissing base is now available too. ^_^  More "Picture Wanted" in effect for Hellsing, Trigun, & Revolutionary Girl Utena.

New guest fanarts from: JetLunarSkye, Ivy(first fanart since June 2004!), &  Starchild(new).
-Also posted the Fruit Baskets and InuYasha fanarts by Ivy

New Additions:
-Doll GIFs by Cynthia
-Two Doll GIFs by Starchild
-Trio DOll GIF by AnimeLuver
-Jupiter Doll GIF by Ilse (new)

-Chibiusa 2x Kawaii GIF by Madi
-Guest 2x Kawaii GIFs by Cythnia
-Diorama GIF of Starlights by Cythnia.

-Fanart of Energeia by Alex of

October 08, 2005:
  I forgot to mention that the Doll GIFs by Prince Kaze has been posted. ^_^ Sorry Prince Kaze, and thanks for letting me know! ^_^
  Oh, I finally reached the ending part of Chibimoon fanfic manga. ^_^ Once the penciling is done, the inking process will start.. ^_^

October 06, 2005:
     Good morning! ^_^ Now I'll finish what needed to be done. I haven't finished the Halloween mini-manga yet but already working on it.  As I mentioned last night, the voting process has began, and please vote for the entries! ^_^

  Now the GIFs and few more new guest fanarts, and I made some corrections to the titles of some entries.

-Added the Full Metal Panic GIFs of Tessa, Kyoto & Kurz by Nick Anime GIF Gallry

-A new Doll GIF by Starchild(new)
-GIFs by Nick A.(new)
-GIFs by Madi (new)
-Doll GIFs by

-More Tokyo Mew Mew Dolls by KTC

Posed the guest fanarts by  Eched,Shenaya(new) & J-chan(new)

October 05, 2005:
     Boy, I'm really exhausted. ^_^; The contest is now closed and three contest entries (Alina & White Magician Girl) have been added to it. The voting Guideline is open, and please vote for the entries! ^_^
    I know I'm supposed to upload the GIFS, but I'm really exhausted from hard work I did during the daylight. Plus that I had several lengthy discussions with Bob, the owner of Prose N Poetry. Bob and I are making good progress on resolving the credits issue. ^_^ I'll add the Kawaii GIFs tomarrow morning since. ^_^
     Oh, it's 1:00am already? *My body falls asleep* Ack, not yet! unnn! (inching for that "Publish" button up there)...unnh, nnn.......*Clicks*! I did it! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

October 01, 2005:
    Well, after having received so many contest entries that I decided to put all GIFs except requested Anime GIFs on hold until October 5 update in order to be able to concentrate on posting the contest entries and guest fanarts. ^_^  The voting process will start on October 5 and the reason for that date is to allow me some time to set up the voting guidelines, and to allow for few late entries.
  Anyone interested in voting are suggested to look over all of the entries (there are few new entries by same artists).

--Completed & posted the requested GIFs of Ooba, Fetch & Modoka of FullMoon Wo Sagashite and Kurumi, Saki & Karinka of Steel Angel Kurumi.

-Posted the fanarts by JunJun, Sailor, Jessica D.,  AnimeLuver &   Cynthia(new)

That's it for now, and please come back on October 5 (or later). ^_^

September 27, 2005:
   Heh, ^_^; Sept is a very busy month for me after all. I'm just updating this page to let anyone know that I just got back yestersday. If you have any stuff waiting to be sent to me, please send them. The contest will end on Oct 01, no second chances!
   Expect an update on October 01 with new stuff and more contest entries. ^_^

September 13, 2005:
   Sorry for taking so long to update this website. ^_^; As I had mentioned in the mailing list, September is going to be very busy month for me. I will be out of touch for a while starting Thursday until Tuesday (or later). Then Friday to Sunday (Sept. 23-25) will busy too.

      I got another "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 22 cards so far! ^__^

-New contest entries by Lillychan, & Sean G.

-Completed the requested GIFs of Bryan of BeyBlade, and Ren & Miu of DearS. Also added a GIF of Teknoman by Rene.

-New SailorMoon Doll GIFS by KTC
-A New guest fanarts by Jessica D., KtariO, Titan, Princess, JetLunarSkye, Kitten, & Eched(new)

-Added New Knights of Zodaic fanarts by Janice H.& One Piece fanart by AnimeLuver.

Website of Interest:
  Sugar High: SM Humor Webring (specializing in humor)

  -There had some difficulty with Prose N Poetry website. I know I had received many reports that many fanarts (including mine and other artists from my galleries) were posted in that website without any mention of where they came from. I emailed the owners of that website several times, but got no response. Something needs to be done about that website.

September 01, 2005:
   Well, I got lucky this time! ^_^ I had some interent difficulties, but I got through this time. ^_^ I'm in mid of penciling pages 150-200, and I'm guessing that I have 100 more to go. That was a good progress! Well, that's because I'm going with fewer panels per pages. ^_^; I added two more "Teaser Sketches" to the list up there. One is about Illina squaring with an Oni cheif. Notice that I added tattos to her face as per her Inuit culture (recent researches), and second one featuring Amazon Quartets getting in an argument. ^_^
   Finally, I drew some humor fanarts! ^_^ Here they are End of the Summer and Invited by Queen Beryl? (Problems/Changes in English Dubs). I also made a Doll GIF of Eternal Sailor Moon (I prefer "anime-ish look"). ^^

-Completed the requested GIFs of Hojo, Arisa, and Saki of Fruit Baskets, Kaorin, Kurowana, & Kimura of Azumanga Daioh, and Cloud & Squall of Final Fantasy Series.
  Also posted KtariO's "Widdle GIFs" of Tokyo Mew Mew characters.

-New contest entries by KittyOcean, SerpentDoness & Esther (#9).
-A New guest fanart by JessicaRules93, Elina N., Debbie, Sean G (still working on an online manga project)., &   MYU(new)
-Added two new mini-mangas by S.Dumas.
-Added New InuYasha & Ranma 1/2 fanart by JessicaRules93.

- EternalMagic made the GIF Dolls of Taffe & Amethyst from my SM fanfic mangas. ^_^

I reorganized and opened Anime Doll GIF Gallery by Guest Artists. Not much there but there are new GIF Dolls of Dragonball series, DearS (new one), Chobits and Tokyo Mew Mew (several new ones by KtarO) in there.

August 23, 2005:
    Completed the requested GIFs of Kureno of Fruit Baskets (finally! and three more "Pic Wanted" posted for three more characters), Peorth & Rind of Oh my Goddess!/Ah my Goddess!, Kirie of Angel Sanctuary, Kouji & Takyua of Digimons,  Monoka of Magic Knights Rayearth, and Sailor Moon in a different outfit from PGSM (Live Action). Also added a 2x Kawaii GIF of Chi by Carmelita.

-New contest entries by AngelFish & Janice.

-A New guest fanart by Kitten, Debbie, & Jessica D.

-Added New Tokyo Mew Mew, Beyblade, Ceres: Celestial Legends, Imadoki, and InuYasha fanarts by Kitten, PastPrincess and Serica(New).

-I have some more Other Anime Doll GIFs and I'm putting them on hold so I can re-organize the Other Anime Doll GIF Gallery.

August 16, 2005:
  Nothing new from me, and I'm just focusing on Chibimoon fanfic. I received several GIF Requests, but I have yet to start with them. The requested GIFs will be done before the next update.

-New contest entries by Rachael, Jet_LunarSyke & Sara

-A New guest fanart by   AnimeLuver, Comet, Elina N., JetLunarSkye, Sean G., Titan, PrincessMollie (first fanart since July 2002!) & Luna(new).

-Three new Doll GIFs by Melissa (third page) Plus two new Chibi-Dolls of Esmeralde & Mistress9.
-New Chibi Doll GIFs by Anza4ever(new)

-Added Two InuYusha fanarts by Tokyo to Other Anime Fanart Gallery

That's all for now, and I have few more to be added on the next update, ^_^

August 13, 2005:
    I'm back from a successful geology business trip. ^_^ Looks like I have a lot of emails to answer to and lots of things to download to my computers (guest fanarts, GIFs, etc..). It'll be a while before I update this website again with new stuff. ^_^ I finished penciling 100 pages of Chibiusa fanfic manga (not inked yet), but I'm not if I'm halfway there. ^_^;;
    Oh, to clear up any confusions, Sedna was discovered in November 2003, and I was referring to the news from NASA that a new Kuiper Belt planet bigger than Pluto was just discovered (July 2005). I still haven't heard anything on the official name of that planet.

August 04, 2005:
      I got another "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 20 cards so far! ^__^

-I decided to produce a Pixel Doll using one of my large Doll Base and here it is. That pixel art took up a great deal of time. O_o, and I hope it's worth the time...Pixel Art of Eternal SailorMoon & Her Powered Up Crystal

-Completed and posted the requested GIFs of Rosiel in different attire of Angel Sanctuary, Kagura of InuYasha, Elgala & Four-person GIF of Excel Saga, and  Rock Lee & Kiba of Naruto.

-A New guest fanart by  JetLunarSkye.

-New Dolls GIFs by Gabryel

I decided that I will post any really good websites that are recommanded to me: Here's the first one:
In Defense of Sailor Moon SuperS

If anyone happen to find very good websites, please let me know so I would be able to keep my TRSE Links updated all of the time. ^_^

I'll be out of contac for a week and when this webiste get updated again, you'll know that I'm back. ^_^

August 01, 2005:
  First thing: NASA has announced that Solar System's 10th planet (in Kuiper Belt) has been discovered and confirmed and it's bit bigger than Pluto. No official name yet.

  First thing: I will be out of contact for a week or more starting Friday Aug 05 as I go with my geology business, and I may return by Thursday/Friday of next week.

    I got another "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 19 cards so far! ^__^

-Posted new contest entries from Esther (#9).

-Completed and posted the requested GIFs of Alexiel & Rosiel of Angel Sanctuary, Atsuko & Keiko of YuYuHaskado, Wakaouji of Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Sylia of Wedding Peach, "Foxy" Megumi, and that comical GIF up there (based on a suggestion) of Rouruni Kenshin, and  Suikotsu, and a couple GIF of Suikotsu & Kikyo of InuYasha.

    I had mentioned that a team (I'm included) are workign on a Sailor Moon KISS Doll game. It's almost completed and since I did the Doll Bases for that game, I decided to have some little fun with making two new Doll GIFs: Black Lady and Rei Hino in Kimono. ^_^ Some fashion artist liked some of the Dolls I did, and made a request that I do the Doll Bases for other SM characters. So I'll do that a bit at a time. ^_^

, Esther, Mini-Mercury,Nephrite, Lady,
-New 2x Kawaii GIFs by Prince Kaze.

July 23, 2005:
    I got three more "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 18 cards so far! ^__^ Wow, that's more cards than last year! ) ^.^ *heart*
-Posted new contest entries from WingWeaver, Kandi, Umino & Kiri.

    As you have known, I have been working on Chibiusa Fanfic mangas, and for the first time, I decided to post few pencil sketches that you can consider as "Teasers". ^_~ Here they are, and notice that pencil sketches are always dirty due to penciling and erasing. Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 01, Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 02, & Chibiusa Fanfic Sketch 03
    I finally opened my Commissions Artworks page in the Fanart Gallery (I couldn't refuse an offer) with two new artworks in there. ^_^

-Posted a new How-To Draw Article -Copied Styles; Present-Day Fan Artists Main Problem by Elysse. I recomand anyone to read this article (and anyone are welcome to submit in articles for How-To-Draw Tutorials). ^_^

-Completed the requested GIFs of Lily of Wedding Peach, Hojo, Myoga the Flea & Jaken of InuYasha, and Sailor Luna of PSGM (Live Action Sailor Moon). Note that unlike Digilee's PGSM GIFs, Sailor Luna GIF was based on one of Naoko T.'s drawing.

-New guest fanarts by  JetLunarSkye, Purin-chan, & Debbie.

July 17, 2005:
    I got two more "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 15 cards so far! ^__^ Wow, that's more cards than last year! ) ^.^ *heart*

-Added the contest entries by WingWeaver and Duddy.

-Completed and posted the requested GIFs: 7 characters of Full Moon No Sagashite, Winry's Grandma & Ed & Al's mother of FullMetal Alchemists. Posed more "Picture Wanted" for InuYasha characters.

-Added a Wrestling GIF of Jedite by Jordan D.
-A new Haruka & Michiru doll set by VTSFY
-Doll GIF of Energeia and Berthier(Bertie) by Eternal Magic(

-New guest fanarts by  Elina N., JetLunarSkye,Nephrite, Lady & Katie M.(new)
-New FullMetal Alchemist fanart by Myrinda A. and Final Fantasy 7 fanart by Elina, both at "F" fanart section.

July 11, 2005:
    I got two more "Happy 6th Annivesary" cards, so that's a total of 13 cards so far! ^__^
-Added the new contest entries by Angelfish, Kitten, VTFSY, Purin(new), Katie M.(new), Russ,Sailor(new) & Emblem,Sailor(new).

-Completed the GIF Requests of three characters of Cutey Honey (classic 1970s Anime), Puu of YuYu Haskado, Sara of Mermaid Melody P.P.P. and Knives of Trigun.

-Hey, here's something for the fans of Tokyo Mew Mew and FullMetal Alchemists: ^_^
--FullMetal Alchemists:    Reporting in a Problem (Mini-manga), Edward Finishes His Medical Checkup, &
   Edward Elric Vs. Alexis Armstrong.
--Tokyo Mew Mew: Embarrassing Problems with the Powers of Endangered Species (yes, I just picked up the mangas and I like them already).

 -I fullfilled several people's requests by making "Happy Birthday" banners (for SM characters) and they can be found at Kawaii GIF Gallery. ^_^

-New Guest Fanarts by  AnimeLuver, Esther, Danji (first fanarts since June 2004!) & JetLunarSkye(new).

-Added "Minako in Summer Outfit" Kawaii GIF by Scorpio,Sailor to Sailor Venus Kawaii GIF Gallery.
-More SailorMoon GIFs by Sasha's GIFs (excellent quality!), and  more Wrestling GIFs by Jordan D.
-More Doll GIF by Eternal Magic (including Larima from my fanfic mangas located) ^_^

July 6, 2005:
      Got a "Thank you" GIF from Melissa and it's posted in "Happy 6th Annivsary" Cards page. ^_^

    -Okay, I'm using someone else's scanner, so finally here's some fanarts and mini-mangas from me! ^_^
Sailor Moon: Complains by Cyprine & Ptilol, Nehelenia's Minor Setback(Mini-Manga) & Rei Hino's Silly and FarFetched Idea (Mini-Manga)
Chobits: -Chi Takes a Swim & Chi at the Swimming Pool (Mini-Manga),
InuYasha: InuYasha's Ears

-I have three FullMetal Alchemists fanarts to finish and those will be last time I spend on fanarts/mini-mangas before spending more time on my Chibiusa manga project.

-Thanks to the people for pictures (and requests too), I produced the GIFs of Genkai (both old and young versions) of YuYu Haskado, four more characters of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pich, and Nyami of Lova Hina.

-New Guest SailorMoon Fanarts by:  JessicaRules93, AnimeLuver, Computermouse (first fanart since Jan. 2004!), & Gabryel (new)
-And a Car Talk, a guest mini-mangay by Dumas

-Posted the SailorMoon GIFs by Sasha's GIFs (excellent quality!), JessicaRules93 and  Rainbow's Colorful Princess GIFs

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