West Baker Thundereggs
West of Baker Egg Mine
 Hermanas, Luna County, New Mexico
   Anyone visiting the Baker Egg Mine may noticed another bulldozed pit to the west of the Baker Egg Mine over the basalt ridge. The pit were opened by Pete Ghitney(??) when he discovered some large thundereggs that looked similar to the Baker Egg Thundereggs. It was said that despite his mining efforts, a small pocket of thundereggs was dug up and only five best polished thundereggs were added to his collection, but he was apparently looking for high-end specimens through... I poked at the pit and found two different types of thundereggs, one with weathered shells and other ones that look similar to Baker Eggs.
   The unweathered thundereggs looked so similar to the Baker Eggs that it's hard to distinguish the West Baker Eggs from the Bakers Eggs. The agates are generally colorless with "watered down" and darker color hues. Light-blue horizontal bands with red agate rims are common there.

Site Status: As of Jan 2022, the West baker pit is still part of the active Baker Egg Mine claim so please don't trespass without permission.
Map of Hermanas Area


Rough Appearance: Some thundereggs are hard to be distinguished from the Baker Eggs, but more weathered look and more obvious flow bands.
Pastel colors and colorless shadowy agates distinguish them from Baker Eggs.

The Pit

Thundereggs barely showing through
the dirt.

Note the weathered shells.
Found in March 2012

Typical agate, shadowing effect
with amethyst center
Found March 2009
Light pink with shadowing effect
Found March 2008
With Inclusions
March 2009
Found March 2010
With amethyst geode center,
March 2012
Some shadowing effect
March 2012
March 2012 March 2012 March 2012
Sprays of inclusions
Found March 2009
March 2012
Orange inclusions
Found December 2009
March 2013 (from an old collection)
maybe from "Pastel Egg Claim?"
March 2012

March 2012