Baker Eggs
Baker Egg Mine, Hermanas, New Mexico
  "Baker Ranch" is an old name given to the large area that happened to include several sites producing different types of thundereggs. The officially named "Baker Egg Mine" (NOT "Baker Ranch") Mine was opened by Lindburgs and then mined by Paul "GeodeKid" Calburn. The "Baker Eggs" is generally considered a proper term to distinguish the Baker Eggs from other thundereggs found nearby such as Taveniers, and Torpedeo Beds.

Paul "GeodeKid" Calburn,
owner of Baker Egg Mine.
(died Nov. 2014)
     The Baker Egg Mine ("Baker Ranch" Mine) is one of few places that produce the thundereggs containing colorful agates. Despite 30 years of exploration and digging since it was first discovered and filed by Eddie Lindburg, Paul "GeodeKid" Colburn, current owner of the mine, was able to figure out where to mine for those colorful thundereggs using his knowledge of geology. The strata of the lava flow was folded and turned upside down in a way that the previous owners dug at the wrong side of the strata and got junk thundereggs.
    The Baker Eggs are most colorful of any thundereggs I have seen so far, and some rival the Laguna Agates after having seen few Laguna-like agates int he Bake Eggs. They come in a wide variety of colors including green (rare) while white, black, and red colors are typical colors. The well-known characteristic of the Baker Eggs agates is that the colors are not restricted to the bands/films, giving them an appearance of spilled coloring dyes. They're strongly fluorescent which the agates glow bright green while rhyolitic shells glow red under shortwave ultraviolet (Christmas colors!).
   Paul "GeodeKid" Calburn's generosity is the main reason why I got into agates and thundereggs and he taught me his agate polishing method. I refined that method and still use that method today to polish the agates, hard jaspers and petrified wood. :)
As of Jan 2022, The mine is still under an active claim despite being reclaimed. Please DON'T DIG THERE WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!
The claim holders have to pay $$$ for any caught rock-poachers
so please don't make this problem any bigger for them.
Even I stopped digging there a long ago (2012 was the last year).

Entrance to the Pit
Junk Eggs
Keeping An Eye out
for any good eggs.
Removing the
"Junk Zone"
A Good Baker Egg.
A geode
Junk Eggs
Extracting Eggs
Exposed Agate
"My Yearly Salary"

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